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Coaching/Consulting with Dan


I can help you by asking high quality questions and providing perspective and guidance on topics within my scope.  I can also be your accountability partner, helping you create commitments and goals with specific time frames, and keeping in contact with you on your progress.  This greatly increases follow through on commitments, and often increases the speed of progress as well.

Some of My Areas of Strength: 

  • Simplifying Life:  eliminating obligations and distractions 
  • Delegating Tasks:  hiring and managing virtual assistants
  • Freedom/Travel:  living a "location-independent" life, generating income online
  • Overcoming Fear:  taking action to make major life changes
  • Social and Dating:  both mindset shifts and practical techniques you can implement now
  • Priorities: strategies to focus on what is most important to you  
    These are all areas where I have lots of personal experience and I can help to guide you.  From buying my first apartment building at 21 years old, to selling my business and moving to Thailand to enjoy life and help others, I've dealt with many situations that often cause people to struggle with fear, doubts, guilt, and limiting beliefs.  I've overcome these obstacles in my own life, and have helped many others do the same.

    For now, consulting is provided on a "pay what you feel it's worth" basis, and typically done by 30-60 minute Google Hangouts video calls.  This is because my #1 priority is that every client is fully satisfied and also I want to work with people who are ready to improve themselves, not just people who can afford a rate I pick out of the sky :)  Typically clients pay somewhere between $20 and $100 USD per session depending on length and the value they received.  If we happen to not "click", we'll just part ways with best wishes and no hard feelings. 

    To check availability and schedule a consulting appointment, email BetterMeGame@gmail.com  
    Please include your location, preferred day/time, the topics you'd like to cover, and most importantly, WHY you want to work with me, aka what is our goal/purpose?  This purpose will be the fuel you need to take action.

    Some testimonials:

    "...helped me define a direction and create a plan and gave me the courage and support to get moving."
    - Janie Lim, Canadian digital nomad living in Thailand

    "I worked with Dan after first arriving in Chiang Mai and it is by far the most productive mastermind I have ever been involved in. Without exaggerating, involvement in the group focused me, challenged me, pushed me and forced me to really level up my game, as well as start a whole new business that I would never have started without being part of the group.
    On a personal level, Dan is one of the best people I know for listening to people's problems and giving positive, creative feedback. Literally all of Dan's 'ideas' have turned out to be good ones for me. Seriously!
    - Russell Smith, British entrepreneur living in China

    "I found it extremely helpful both professionally and personally.  As an example, during the 15 weeks I participated, I took a novel from the idea phase through to completion, being held accountable each week for the actions I was taking.
    The format was well organized, and designed to help me get the best results.  It included goal setting, accountability, and a discussion to help each member contribute ideas and solutions to each person's situation.
    It was an extremely beneficial experience, and I heartily recommend it for anyone who is looking to take the next step in their life.  Thanks again"
    -Eric Jumper, American author living in Australia

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