OD on Life - Come get high with us: June 2016

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Beck Power on Finding Best Flight Deals - OD on Life #17

Beck runs NomadFly.me and teaches people how to find the best deals on flights all over the world.  I joined her membership program just a few days ago and have already found several of the best flight deals I've ever seen, including Thailand to Germany for around $140!!!!

Listen and learn.  For lifetime access to all her goodies, including email lessons, her ebook, and access to her private Facebook group, go to www.NomadFly.me/ODonLife

A couple links mentioned in the show:
  • Beck's Ebook  -  Within an hour of reading this book, I found 3 of the best deals I'd ever found, including Thailand to Germany for $140
  • www.SuperNomadFriendSquad.com  -  12 cities in 12 months with new friends
  • www.FlyOnward.com  -  $9.99 to get proof of onward travel flight (some countries may require upon arrival)
  • www.NomadFly.me/ODonLife  -  Beck's Lifetime Membership Group, Videos, Ebook and Updates
  • All Beck's Offers on Gumroad - She seems like the type to be coming up with new stuff constantly, so I just wanted to include that link as well :)