OD on Life - Come get high with us: 2016

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I talk with Jamie Malek and Ian Clarke from WVS Care for Dogs in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  We cover how and why they wound up at Care for Dogs, what the organization is doing to improve conditions in and around Chiang Mai, and their thoughts on making a difference, money vs. purpose, dealing with critics, and more.

I really respect what they're doing, and hope that our talk may inspire some of you to do more of what you love, as well as to encourage some of you to get involved in supporting WVS Care for Dogs in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Enjoy, and all the best to you.  -Dan

Hagen has selected his human (Jamie)

Mr. Jones is the boss of the yard
Ian has grown attached to these two beautiful sisters.  They may soon live with him...

Ian loads Jamie in the back of the truck.  The staff thought it was hilarious to see the big boss in the truck :)

Links etc. mentioned in our talk:  

PetFinder.com and AdoptAPet.com - The US Sites for Searching for Rescue Dogs by Breed, Location

Alan Watts "Dance while the music is being played" 

Alan Watts, "What if money was no object?"

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Masters of Fear - Ex US Army Ranger, Writer, Filmmaker, Adventurer, Founder of Club Fearless Scott Goodknight

Scott Goodknight and I discuss fear, challenge, and failure, as Scott shares stories from his life as an Army Ranger and what he has learned from filming and interviewing world class bull riders and animal handlers.

Club Fearless, Scott's Facebook Page

A few of Scott's videos:

Some of the books mentioned by Scott and Dan

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Digital Nomad Book Project, Do What Interests You, Racial Influences, and Why People Live Where They Do, with Rachael Woldoff, Author and Professor of Sociology at WVU

I always enjoy talking with Rachael Woldoff.  We bounce around to many interesting topics, including doubters, making big changes in your life, and her current book project, about creative digital nomads in Bali.  I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.


Professor Woldoff's Books

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Today I'm Brave, Dan's Story of Creating Better Me - The Game of Growth and Friendship

I did a video for "Today, I'm Brave", telling the story of creating Better Me - The Game of Growth and Friendship, and how I just had to START, and figure things out as I went. I had to feel the fear, and do it anyway.

Today, I'm Brave is a project for people to tell their story about bravery, to help inspire others. You can check out the other stories, and even submit your own video at TodayImBrave.com.

Friday, July 22, 2016

How Gunnar Garfors Ran Out of Countries - OD on Life #18

Talking with Gunnar Garfors, who has been to every country recognized by the United Nations, plus several more.  Only 9 people have ever done this, the first being in 2008, and Gunnar completed the feat at 37 years old while holding a full-time job in Norway!  Really an amazing guy, I hope you enjoy our talk.  -Dan

198: How I ran Out of Countries - By Visiting Random People on Incredible Travels to Every Country in the Whole Wide World by [Garfors, Gunnar]
Check out Gunnar's Book

Gunnar's YouTube Channel

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Beck Power on Finding Best Flight Deals - OD on Life #17

Beck runs NomadFly.me and teaches people how to find the best deals on flights all over the world.  I joined her membership program just a few days ago and have already found several of the best flight deals I've ever seen, including Thailand to Germany for around $140!!!!

Listen and learn.  For lifetime access to all her goodies, including email lessons, her ebook, and access to her private Facebook group, go to www.NomadFly.me/ODonLife

A couple links mentioned in the show:
  • Beck's Ebook  -  Within an hour of reading this book, I found 3 of the best deals I'd ever found, including Thailand to Germany for $140
  • www.SuperNomadFriendSquad.com  -  12 cities in 12 months with new friends
  • www.FlyOnward.com  -  $9.99 to get proof of onward travel flight (some countries may require upon arrival)
  • www.NomadFly.me/ODonLife  -  Beck's Lifetime Membership Group, Videos, Ebook and Updates
  • All Beck's Offers on Gumroad - She seems like the type to be coming up with new stuff constantly, so I just wanted to include that link as well :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dewi Ragi Interviews Me About the Better Me game, Life Changes, Ignoring Doubters and Overcoming Fear

Dewi and I talk all about my transition from running a Flea Market in the US to living in Thailand and creating a board game etc.