OD on Life - Come get high with us: December 2015

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone with Aron Raduly - OD on Life #16

I talk with Aron about his journey from Hungary, to England and on to Thailand, while he made deliberate moves to improve his lifestyle and income.  It's a unique story of making bold choices and ignoring the doubters.  Aron now lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and has a successful Amazon FBA business.

Aron Raduly

The Chiang Mai Digital Nomads Facebook Group mentioned in the show: www.fb.com/cmnomads
Upwork, the freelance contractor marketplace: www.UpWork.com

Friday, December 18, 2015

Jason Green's "Choose Your Own Adventure Story" to $20k/month Profit Selling on Amazon - OD on Life #15

Jason Green is my neighbor, a world traveler, animal lover, former Apple employee, and a successful Amazon FBA seller.  Our conversation goes over his story and thoughts on business and his current home in Thailand, as well as many other things.  I hope you get a couple takeaways from our conversation that are thought-provoking and applicable for your life!  Thanks Jason for sitting down with me, and continued success with your online business.  -Dan O'Donnell

Jason's Photography site and Facebook page: www.SomaImages.com ,  https://www.facebook.com/SomaImages

And below is Jason's fabled balcony, where he holds many important "meetings" and soaks up the sunsets.  Again, we both live in the same building, have identical apartments, and pay less than $300 rent, I love my life :)