OD on Life - Come get high with us: July 2014

Friday, July 18, 2014

Mark Brenwall on Work, Play, and How to Lose iPads - OD on Life Episode #2

I had to have Mark on the show to explain how to act like you're in middle school for your entire life, but still take care of business and grow as a person.  Mark has an interesting background, moving from Wisconsin to California after college, working a well-paid and high pressure job, travelling abroad, being a part of a successful startup company, and finally winding up in Chiang Mai, where he is clearly having a wonderful time.  We didn't even touch on some of his current projects, manufacturing products in China and selling online, etc.

Mark and I acting super cool on a trip to the houseboats on a lake near Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thursday, July 3, 2014

OD on Life, Show #1 - Rachel Mazza on Risk, Role Models, Askholes and Tiger Training

Today I sat down with Rachel Mazza at Coffee Monster in Chiang Mai.  I wanted to have her on the show because as I spent time around Rachel, it became obvious that she was enjoying her life.  I wanted to learn about her story, and how she has created a life that she loves.

I learned that Rachel comes from an entrepreneurial family, and has traveled the world creating businesses, while having all sorts of interesting experiences.  I hope you take away some gems as we discuss fear, travel, how to give value to people you can learn from, and on and on.

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Keep tabs on Rachel at NotYourParentsLife.com, and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/RachelMazza